Meet Le Cookie Monkey

Le Cookie Monkey was born in October of 2009 with a spark in its eye, a sweet tooth in its mouth and a zest for bringing hand-crafted cookies, cakes and desserts to good girls and boys no matter what the age. The good people here at Le Cookie Monkey have a passion for making folks happy with our decadent, yet funky, sweet treats and this love funnels into each and every carefully mixed recipe. You can see it, feel it and best of all, you can taste it!

The magic begins with a commitment to purchasing local, fresh, never-frozen ingredients and continues with the precious art of baking, mixing and decorating, resulting in a delightfully vibrant, happy treat that melts on your tongue and jolts the smile.

We feature a specialized variety of cookies, cupcakes, all-occasion cakes, wedding cakes and other desserts for pretty much any celebration you have in mind. Our sweets are perfect for cheering up a friend, adding a splash of fun to a corporate affair, offering unique alternatives or additions to a wedding cake and just satisfying that sweet tooth in general. So we’d love to hear from you, get to know you and make a special dessert just for your festivity!

We’ll leave you with our favorite mantra: “Monkey see, Monkey eat, Monkey baking yummy treats.”

Life is terrific, so enjoy!

Meet Amber Darrington, Pastry Chef & Owner

Amber Darrington, Le Cookie MonkeyMy passion for food has been an important part of my life from a pretty young age, introducing itself to me in Minnesota where I grew up. This passion enticed me, entranced me and made me giddy, leading to many happy dances and outbursts that would come to be most welcome in a kitchen with fellow happy dancers.

So off I set to work as a line cook in several amazing restaurants here in the U.S., following my dream to Saint Paul Technical College to pursue a Culinary Arts Degree. There, the magic and obsession of baking hit me like a monkey throwing a coconut; I was smitten.

After absorbing everything I could dream of in culinary school, it was time to absorb a bit more – at a week-long pastry class in Munich Germany! Oh the flaky, buttery delightfulness of German baking. I learned much and was inspired plenty. From there, I headed back to begin my career as a Pastry Chef, working for restaurants and bakeries until I could open a little place of my own right here in Portland, OR.

So far, it’s been a dream. I love the community of Portland, the relationships I’ve built with suppliers, customers, partners and friends and am thrilled to continue bringing you my very best sweet treats made with love.