Ordering Information

Here’s the best way to get things started:

1) Check out our large range of flavors, treats and prices!

2) Once you have an idea of what suits your fancy, please fill out our order form.

Questions? Please contact us: (503) 232-3848, email

Taste Testing

If you’d like a tasting, we charge $5 per cake flavor, up to 4 flavors total, that is due at the tasting appointment.

We do all of our tastings on Tuesdays through Thursdays at our kitchen (1902 NW 24th Ave Portland, OR 97210). Typically our tastings are between 9am - 6pm on those days, but we have worked with brides and their schedules, doing some tastings as early as 8am, on lunch hours, and as late as 7pm on those days. Let us know which Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays work best for you and what times work best, and we would be more than happy to book a tasting for you! Our tastings are $5 per sample cake and/or mini desserts. You can choose from flavors, fillings, icings, cookies, mini's, etc.

Please allow a 48 hour notice to request a tasting, because we make these samples day-of so they are fresh for you! You may bring up to 4 guests to help you sample our delicious treats!

If you’d like a tasting:

a. Let us know which day and time works best for you within this schedule. (Please allow at least 48 hours’ notice to request a tasting as we bake these samples fresh for you!) You may bring up to 4 guests with you to join in the fun.

b. Also let us know which cake flavor, filling and icing you’d like to try!

Contact Us. Once you’ve provided all of this information, we’ll confirm with you via e-mail and meet you soon!


For wedding cake orders, we require at least a two month notice. Keep in mind that highly desired wedding dates book quickly!


Delivery fees will be estimated based on your wedding location. This fee generally is $35 within the Portland area, but may change depending on industry pricing and your final event details. An increased per/mile delivery fee will be applied for locations outside of Portland. The delivery fee includes set-up if needed. Note that cakes can typically set out for 4 hours at room temperature.

Deposit & Payment

A $50 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your date. Final payment is due two weeks before the scheduled event. Any paid order cancelled one week before a scheduled event is non-refundable.